Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Weekend

Oh Easter Weekend. I had been looking forward to you for a long long time. You came, you went. And now I want you back. I had a phenomenal weekend friends. I could not have asked for a better time...even if I did have to take an from 12-3 on Saturday!

One of my best friends from college came into town. I love Ashlee and I love spending time with her! It had been four years since she had been to Florida and it was about time for her to see my apartment and meet Brutus! I would never ask her drive through the night again (I don't know how she did that one!) but I would love it if I only to see her more often. 

We hung out on Friday shopping and then over to my parents that afternoon and night. My sister was in town with her best friend and their dogs. 2 cats, 4 dogs, and 9 humans make for a busy home!  We made (ok mom made) our homemade pizzas. Guys they are the best! I must share sometime soon!

We had tons of fun and lots of laughter. Ashlee may have even thought the dogs dried green beans were human food... I about died when she grabbed them to snack on! To her credit they make them for humans too!

Saturday we had a leisurely morning till I had to take my exam. Fortunately Katie was able to take Ashlee to do someone more shopping so that she wasn't bored and I could have some quiet. When I finally finished we went and got all our nails done! We finished just in time to head back to the parents for more food and family time. 

Mattie also made me a birthday cake so we got to do some early celebrating! She is amazing at cakes and will seriously make the Came Boss to out of business. I know she will be upset for me posting this picture since everyone will be calling her now for their own cake, but how can I not show off her skills?!

Sunday morning at church was the best. We got to wear our new Easter dresses and worship a risen king! I can not say good enough things about the sermon. So so so good! Loved seeing a packed church! After church we headed over to the parents again for brunch. So much yummy food!

Sunday afternoon, after visiting some more family, Ashlee and I needed to relax! So we did and then we decided to go see Divergent. Oh my friends how I love that movie!

I am so thankful to have had such a relaxing and fun weekend right before finals. Yes I was a. Little stressed. But it was so nice to have lots of family time and get to see my best friend! I could not have asked for a better Easter!

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Miss Riss said...

So glad you had a good Easter weekend! What kind of an exam do you have to take on Easter weekend??! Also, the green bean thing, I would've died too, hilarious! Did you read the Divergent books or just see the movie?!