Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Little Habits

We all have some good and not so good habits in our lives.  And well I have noticed that I have quite a bit more bad ones than good ones.  Which probably isn't the best thing ever, so maybe I should work on some of them! Which I kinda am...

My biggest worst habit is....I bite my nails.

These are my baby nails that I just got done last weekend. Honestly I was SO embarrassed to get them done when they were this short. The only time I don't really bit my nails is when they are painted. And usually I paint them myself, wait till they grow out, and then get them done. Here's to another round of trying to stop biting!

Another bad habit...I let my apartment get way cluttered and then clean. 

This was just taken. Please ignore the droopy flowers that I just got as a gift today and left in my car in 80 degree heat for an hour and killed (i don't have a green thumb). I just leave EVERYTHING on my counters. And it drives me nuts. And then when I can't stand it any longer I clean it up. I know that whole out it away right away would be the right thing To do, but I don't do it. 

And then another habit...my TV is ALWAYS on

 Getting ready in the morning? TV is on. Cooking dinner? TV is on. Doing homework? TV is on. I like back ground noise and I like having something to pay attention to. I wish I wasn't as bad about this as I am. I could use less tv time but I just like it. 

My last bad habit that I really am working on is... I am always on my phone. 

Our generation is so bad about this. I can't even sit at a stop light without pulling out my phone. Sometimes I wonder what I did before smartphones at stoplights. I really have tried to out my phone down and enjoy the people around me. Even my nanny kid has said "Moby off your phone. Come play with me" to me more times then I would like to admit. I could defnitely do better and I hope to!


The Pink Growl said...

I need to do a phone detox too...but I reeeeally don't want to!

Rachel said...

My husband bites his nails--I'm currently taking the strategy of massaging his hands and fingers with lotion every night while we're hanging out to see if that will help him kick the habit!

The Modern Tulip said...

Girl I have all of these habits except for biting my nails. But I pick at the skin around them so that almost counts! I have to be so intentional about being on my phone, it's rough!

Laura Darling said...

I am really working on the phone thing too. I've started putting it in my glove compartment when I'm driving, and honestly, it's nice to just have time to THINK at the red lights! :)