Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A Happy Little Family

So have you been wondering where I have been? Well it's really simple. I have been living life.  I have been spending all of my extra time (what little I have) with the best family a girl could ask for.  It's summer time and the living is easy (or so those people who never went to grad school say) which means as much beach/boat time as I can!

This past weekend was a weekend I live for.  Mattie and I headed down to the beach with my parents and her new boyfriend on Friday.  Saturday was spent on the boat in the sun just having fun.  Sunday was the best day though.

Being Father's Day, the boys made their way down as well with Benj's girlfriend.  We tossed jokes back and forth like no one's business, Dad opened his gifts (I won by the way with a wine glass in a tervis tumbler with a Captain emblem on it), and it was back on the boat we went for some lunch and some sun.

We pulled up to the restaurant for lunch by boat early and they let us come in and get drinks while we waited for the food side to open.  We laughed and laughed and waited for friends to come join us.  We just got alone that day.  Which doesn't always happen.  There was no yelling, no fighting, just love.

We went to the beach where the boys wrestled and we all just played.  I know I keep saying it, but it was just fun.  We laughed, we talked, we loved.  We were happy.  And I wouldn't trade that kind of day for anything in this whole wide world!

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Miss Riss said...

This definitely sounds perfect!! Glad you're spending such quality time with your family! =)