Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A Sister 5k

Well hello there friends! Long time no talk. Life has been a tad bit crazy busy for me and honestly I haven't had anything I really wanted to write about on here. So I haven't been around much. But I am back and hopefully will be posting some more!

This past Saturday I ran my third 5k! It is the first of four that I signed up for for this summer. There is the Watermelon series here in Lakeland which I ran one of their races last summer. My sister and I are both kinda into running and thought it would be fun to do the series this summer!

Going into the race Mattie was all talk about how she was going to blow me and Brittany (who is also doing the runs with us!!!!) out of the water and beat us by minutes! I just wanted to complete the race in under 40 minutes. I knew I had not been training and was just hoping for the best. 

5 minutes into the run and a little someone (Mattie) was dying. But she had the great cheerleader next to her who would not let her stop till mile 1. I cheered. I dragged. I pushed. I did everything to keep that girl moving. I also took selfies to encourage us!

Until the last half of the race. And then the tables turned and Mattie cheered. And dragged. And pushed me to the finish. 

I could not have run this race without her. It was so nice to have someone right there beside me helping me and me helping her. It was so much fun to have someone to talk to and plan with. We both agreed to run so far and then break for a little and then repeat till the end. 

At about mile 2.30 my left foot when numb/fell asleep. When I could feel it, it felt two times bigger than normal and was so weird to run on. This really held me back the last mile of the race. I have since figured out that I need some new good shoes. And cannot wait to get some!!

Our gun time was 39:47 and I beat Mattie. She says she let me. Little did she know I would sprint out the last little bit as fast at possible. But she was one second behind me! Official times haven't been posted yet, but we were at the back of the pack when the gun went off so we are hoping for a lightly better time. I was just thrilled I met my goal of under 40 minutes!!

Before this race I wasn't really enjoying running. I only did it the few times I did because I had the race coming up. Since the race I have renewed my love for running and want to get back out there! I can't wait to train for the next race in this series and hopefully will have a much better time!


Miss Riss said...

Yay!! Good job Mosby! Proud of you for doing and finishin this race! It makes a difference when you have someone there to push and encourage you. You guys look cute eating your watermelon :) yay for running!!!

Brittany said...

So cool that you and your sister ran it together and both helped motivate each other.