Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Having My Own Place: What I Have Learned

Having been on my own for almost a year, I have learned so much about having your own place. One you pay for and have to keep nice and clean. One where mom doesn't come over and take care of everything. One where you are the boss and are responsible for what happens in that lace. One where you can decorate in whatever way you want! I have LOVED having my own place, but I have also had some revelations about it.

1. Paying for electricity
This has got to be the biggest one for me. Before I rented and had to pay the electric bill I didn't care about leaving the lights on at all time or the t.v.  Now? My apartment stays dark a lot. I use to leave a light on for when I came home at night. But that costs money and figured I could do without that. I am also very careful about turning lights off when I don't need them on. I have even started opening the shades for some natural light which I love!

2. Your responsible for clogs
In college anytime we had any problems with any plumbing we called maintenance and they took care of it. At home I told mom and she took care of it. Now? I take care of it. I am now a plumber. I fix toilets and clogged showers. 

3. Locking your door is necessary
In college I NEVER locked the door to my room. Sometimes my roommates would and of course I wouldn't have my keys and I would get locked out. But there was a lot of safety on that campus and I didn't ever worry about locking the door. Being in my own place my door is always locked. My place now is not as safe and protected as a college dorm and I do NOT want anyone in there. Fortunately for me, my apartment is on the front side of the apartment where someone would see if someone tried to break in. 

4. Neighbors? What are those?
I do not know a single neighbor of mine. Ok I take that back. One guy at the gym told me he lives above me. But it's not like we talk. I never see my neighbors. I try to smile and say hi when I do see them. But I seriously do not know any of them at all. And it kinda makes me sad :( I use to know all of my neighbors in college and back home. Now no one. People are just so much more private and quiet these days. 

5. Your break it. You pay for it. 
Mom and Dad you might want to read past this one... But there is this little thing in my contract for my apartment which says I have to pay for things if I break them or if Brutus ruins them. So far I won't be getting my deposit back on that kid. You see he use to like chewing on the blinds. And he found a string in my carpet and just kept pulling and scratching. He also knocked over a vase that fell and chipped my counter.  I will own up to all of these. And then I will pay for all of them. 

As I said, I love love love having my own place. I was given the choice of staying home while in school or to move out. After living in Tennessee by myself for 4 years, I knew living at home would not be the best for me and my sanity. I am thankful it was something I was able to do NAND was supported by my family to do. I look forward to the many other apartments and homes I will probably have over the years and the lessons I will learn from those places!


Lauren @ 34 Magnolia Street said...

This CRACKED ME UP!!!! So funny and so true.

Nina W said...

Haha! That will be me in a year. Eek. I'm tucking this post away to remind me of such things once I move out.