Thursday, June 26, 2014

Where I Come From

Tuesday nights after class I tend to find myself standing next to my car for an hour with a new great friend talking about anything and everything.  You know those "get to know you more and share everything" kind of conversations you have with someone you just kinda met and are getting to know.  Seriously we would sit out there all night if we could.  

This past Tuesday I was beyond thankful to have someone here that I could have those conversations with.  Needless to say, class was a little rough.  There was a lot of judgement on me and where I come from, which hurts me more than anything.  If you don't know me, don't judge where I come from.  Thankfully Lili has gotten to know me and was there for me when I really just needed a friend.

All of this to say, I got to thinking about where I really come from.  What made me who I am today? Who made me who I am today?  So why not share it and get it out so that I can never forget where I come from.

First and foremost I come from... Two amazing parents.  Parents who almost 30 years later love each other more than anything.  Parents who are best friends.  Parents who are the greatest inspiration anyone could ever ask for. A Dad who has worked harder than any man I have ever seen to provide the best he can for his family.  And a Mom who has supported and been there for all four kids every step of our lives no matter what.

I come from... A home full of craziness and sarcasm.  If you know me and think I am sarcastic then come meet my family.  It explains it all.

I come from... A strong education.  Growing up my parents put our education first and still do to this day.  I have been blessed to have received the best education from Milligan and now Southeastern.

I come from...Hard work.  Some may think I was handed everything I ever wanted.  And maybe somethings were handed to me.  But I also have worked my ass off to get where I am today.  I have one of the hardest work ethics and I am proud of that.  I know that hard work is what will pay off in the end.  Relying on others will not.

I come from... Amazing support.  I could not make it through this life if I didn't have the support that I do from my family and my friends.  I am so beyond lucky to have people who support every move I make no matter what.  Even if they don't always agree or see why I do what I do, they are still there to support me and help me make it through this crazy ride called life.

We all have different backgrounds.  We all come from somewhere.  So why judge someone because if where they come from?  I do not get that at all.  If you know me, then you know that I love hearing your story and your background.  I love getting to know people.  And there is no judgement from me when you share your story.  And all I ask is please don't judge me either.


Jessica Robinson said...

Hi Mosby! I absolutely love this post - glad to find another awesome lady who loves the Lord and fluent in sarcasm who blogs. :) I think you & I are a lot alike - this is a great post and I'm going to share this post in my terms next week. Happy 4th of July. You mentioned Southeastern, do you go to Southeastern University in Fla? That's my alum! Take care - Jessica

Miss Riss said...

You come from
Good people and good places :)