Monday, December 5, 2011

Home with My family

So I just realized that I forgot to tell you all about the wonderful time I spent with my family.  It was the first time in almost 3 months that we all had been together.  So of course it was a good time.  Being at Milligan, puts me about 12 hours aways from home.  And while I love it so much here, I hate that I cannot go home whenever I would like. But that does make the time we have together more important and definitely more fun.  Here are some fun things from home!
 Mamerz and her baby Esau (he's only a little fat...)
 A boy and his dog...I am not sure who was excited more: Benjamin or Ella. They played together all week. Ella had missed her bubba.
 I am pretty sure the boys played more poker than anything all week.
 So many fun fires. Love that we now are able to do this.
 Oh little Brycey, How we love you so much...even when you do things that are not so cute!
I just loved being able to sit outside and read and look at this.  Not half bad is it?

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