Thursday, December 8, 2011

Praise Jesus it is Over!!!

I am finally done with Curriculum and Methods!!! Seriously people this class was the biggest stress of my life for the past couple months, and I am so happy it is over with.  I turned in my last assignment on Tuesday and I am so grateful to not have anything else to do!!

To say that this class kicked my butt is an understatement.  It was also very eye opening for me.  I learned a lot about myself and about teaching while in this class.  I did learn some awesome new teaching strategies and how to write lesson plans, and I learned what grades I would rather not ever have to teach again. 5th graders are just not my forte!

Tomorrow is the last day of classes, and then we have some finals to take, and then I will be on my way home for a much needed break!!  So looking forward to this :)

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