Monday, December 19, 2011

One Semester Down, One More to Go

So I just finished the first semester of my Junior year.  And that means only a year and a half till I graduate....scary I know!  I am so happy that this semester is over and that I can move past some of the classes and professors I had.

This semester has been one of many blessings and many new beginnings. I don't know if you all remember or not, but going into this semester was super hard for me.  I was struggling with many relationships and I had no idea how this semester was going to go.  God truly blessed me though with an amazing semester.  Relationships were healed, and I was able to make many new relationships that I am so grateful for.  I must say this semester has been pretty awesome.

I am so looking forward to next semester, and there are many reasons why.  Becky and Kelly will be back at Milli!!!!  I get to continue working on new relationships!!  I get to keep working with my awesome kids at my church!! And I get to take Child Psychopathology (yes I know this is really nerdy of me to say, but I really am excited about this class!!!)

Needless to say while I am sad my time at Milli is going by so fast, I look forward to everything God has in store for me and my friends this next semester!!

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