Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Harry Potter World With My Blog Bestie!

Last week I told you all about how Rissa was coming to visit and how much fun we were going to have!  And that post did not do our weekend justice in mentioning how much fun we would have!  I swear I have met match when it comes to Rissa!

Since we had been video chatting all year and blog friends for quite longer than that, I knew I was going to love having Rissa here.  We have always cracked each other up and I just loved our little chats.  So two plane rides (on her part) and a couple hours later we were united for the first time!

The best part about having her visit?  Not once was there this ever "oh this is awkward...I don't even know this person".  It's like we were always meant to be friends and hang out and go to Harry Potter World.  So onto that topic... BEST TWO DAYS EVER!!!!

Just to give you all a fair warning... this may be a long and super picture filled post.  So if you don't care about seeing how amazingly awesome Harry Potter World is (then your lame) go on ahead and wait for my next post tomorrow:)

Above is right inside the entrance to Diagon Alley.  I seriously got chill bumps on my arms when we first stepped inside because I was so excited.  It literally felt right out of the book and movies.  So many details that amazed both Rissa and I.  

The first day we got there right as the park opened and headed straight for Diagon Alley.  We had two day Park2Park tickets and figured since Diagon Alley was the newest attraction we would go there first so we wouldn't have super long lines to wait in.  We spent quite a bit of the first hour just walking around and exploring everything.

Next up came the ride at Gringotts Bank.  Maybe because it was first thing in the morning or we were just so excited, but our hour wait seemed like 5 minutes.  One of the best things about these parks is how well they make you want to wait in line.  There is so much to see in do while you wait.  And the ride?  Other than when we got stuck on it the second day, it was pretty awesome.  Definitely my favorite one!

There were goblins and chandeliers and newspapers that pictures really moved.  We saw the Weasley's and a dragon and Bellatrix.  It was just amazing.  I could walk through there many more times just to keep finding new fun details.

Next up we had to try some Butterbeer.  We had been warned by my brothers girl friend that is was super sweet and we should probs share.  But of course we forgot that piece of advice, got our own, and only drank half of each.  Definitely worth the try for the experience, but I wasn't exactly a fan.

We did much more of exploring Diagon Alley,  We went in Olivander's and had a wand experience.  Rissa even purchased her own wand.  We went inside the many different stores, peeked in the Leaky Cauldron, and went down Knockturn Alley.  And took some selfies along the way.

After exploring till our hearts were content in Diagon Alley, we took a ride on the Hogwarts Express and headed over to Hogsmeade.  Riding the train was an experience in itself.  There are videos and people to be seen while you take the ride.  So worth it.

Hogsmeade blew us away as well. The castle was definitely the biggest thing we wanted to see. So after looking around we headed back there for the ride and to look in the castle. Again waiting in line is not bad at all because there is so much to see.  The ride was not my favorite, but completely worth it.  That day we had lunch in the Three Broomsticks and on Saturday we grabbed a drink in the Hog's Head.

We wore ourselves out on day one and headed home around 4 to get some rest.  It was so great knowing we had a whole other day to come back and explore some more.  We did a lot of the same on Saturday and even explored other parts of the parks some.  I even got Rissa to ride a roller coaster!

This post does not do our time in Harry Potter World or our time together justice even a little bit.  It was such and amazing weekend and I was so happy to be sharing it with a great friend.  Many laughs and good times later, Rissa had to head home.  Next plans: Mosby heads to Arizona!!!


Mosby Hardin said...

Ahhh so much has been added since I went there! I miss Harry Potter world. Have you seen all the speculation about JK Rowlings tweet? Supposedly Harry is coming back! :D

Mosby Hardin said...

It sounds like y'all had a fantastic time! I've always been blown away by meeting friends whom I've known long-distance (mostly online but in one case via letters) and how easily we've gotten along in person. We don't miss a beat with each other! I'm so glad you and Rissa found your IRL rhythm. It's so good to have those kinds of online-turned-in-person friends.

Mosby Hardin said...

Ugh, I can't even think about trying to recap this trip. SO MUCH GOODNESS.

Mosby Hardin said...

I KNOW! I don't even feel like this is a good post because I left so much out!

Mosby Hardin said...

Ok. Now that I'm on here, I'm like, reading all of your posts... And I confess I'm INDESCRIBABLY JEALOUS looking at all your pictures!!!! We technically went to HP world, a couple years ago... However, we ended up having to wait like, 4 hours to get in, and by then it was dark. And for some unknown reason, they most definitely did NOT have it well lit at night... You'd think they would! But by then we only had like, an hour and a half and then had to leave the park entirely to meet up with my hubby's family somewhere else. I'm thankful at least we had butter beer and got candy from Honeydukes... Sugar IS rather high on my list of priorities... But still, I am determined to go back someday and positively exhaust myself exploring the place as you did. :)