Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Online Dating: What/Who I Have Seen So Far

Just to clarify I have not been on a date with anyone yet, nor have I even started really talking to anyone.  But I have seen some quite interesting guys on Christian Mingle.  There is a wide range of people on there.  Some are "matches" to me, yet I would NEVER in ten years give them the time of day (just being honest).

The One With The Best Pick Up Line
The other day I got an email from a guy with the line "Hey girl...I think I am going to need your professional help...if you don't answer this message"  This may have gotten him somewhere, except he was like 40 which is totally not in my range.  It gave me a good laugh and story though!

The One With Hundreds of Lives
I swear to yall I could not make this one up if I tried! I was browsing the other day and came across this guy who told his lengthy story of having lived hundreds of lives.  He once use to be evil in the world and had a lover who he did evil with.  But eventually God found him and brought him over to the good side.  Over his lives he found his "soul mate" and God bound their hearts together.  For hundreds of lives they have sometimes been reunited, sometimes changed genders, and he God has revealed to him that they will be reunited during this lifetime.  They are here to save the world for God.  If you do not know what he is talking about, then don't worry you are not his soul mate.

The Unemployed Ones
This may just be a me thing, but do guys really expect to find someone if they don't have a job?  I have come across several who are saying "unemployed" next to occupation.  For me I need someone who for one has a job and two someone who is not trying to bum off me.

The Very Persistent Ones
Some of the guys who have tried to contact me have been rather persistent I would say.  One has emailed me at least twice.  And another has sent me more smiles than I could count.  I know your all wondering why I would ever complain about this.  Well the problem is...while they both seem to be very nice guys, I have absolutely no interest in them.  There is either no attraction based on their pictures or they just seem completely different from anything and everything I have ever liked in a person.  Someone help a girl out and tell me what I do here?!

I am sure there is going to be many many more guys that I come across and wonder what in the world they are doing.  But my wish is just to come across that one guy who just might be someone special.
For more on my adventures in online dating look here and here.  


Mosby Hardin said...

"If you do not know what he is talking about, then don't worry you are not his soul mate." I'm practically choking with laughter over here!

Mosby Hardin said...

That line cracked me up!

Mosby Hardin said...

Try! There are SO many people on it -- good and bad, of course -- and many christians I'm sure. It is one of the most popular dating sites so it seems to be the one that most people (guys) sign up on. With online dating you're going to need lots of options and people to look at/ look at you!

Mosby Hardin said...

Thanks for the tip! I think I am going to stick with Christian Mingle for a little while longer, but if nothing comes of it I will keep in mind!

Mosby Hardin said...

Oh trust me I was DYING as I read it all! I was so in shock and seriously go back and forth on whether it is a joke or not!