Monday, September 12, 2011

10 Day Challenge Day 4

4 Books
As many of you know I LOVE to read!!! So for me to narrow down books to just four can sometimes be pretty hard...but I will try:)

1. Heaven is For Real: If you haven't read this book then please stop right now, go to the book store and buy it and read it! It is one of the best books I have personally ever read! I loved every bit of it!

2. The Help: Another awesome book.  This one really opened my eyes to things, and now I am DYING to go see the movie!

3. Water for Elephants: A fun and intriguing book, that was very enjoyable.  This would probs be one of my favorite fiction, just for fun books.

4. The Ishbane Conspiracy: Now this is one not many people have probs heard of, but it is one that will always stick out to me.  It is by Randy Alcorn, and I read it many years ago.  Its brings insight into how the Devil tempts us and plays a part in our lives.  You should totes read it!

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