Tuesday, September 6, 2011

10 Day Challenge: Day 7

7 Wants
1. Friends:  I spent the first few days of this semester at school going around saying "I have no friends." Now this is not entirely true, but partly how I felt.  So now I have started making new friends which I have discovered I love.  So I want friends:)

2. Food: Right now I am currently hungry after doing some yoga and would like something yummy to eat.

3. Laughter: I'm a girl who loves to laugh and could use some good laughter with some best friends in my life right now.

4. To Teach: I love teaching, which is why I am in school learning how to do so.  I want to be able to teach to all kinds of kids.  I cannot wait till I will be able to do this!!

5. To Love: I want to love someone so much it hurts.  Isn't this every girls dream?

6.  To know my God more:  I love God and I love getting to know him.  He is amazing and awesome and I want to continue to dive into his word and really get to know him.

7.  To live till I'm at least 82: No reason, it just sounds like a good age to live to!

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