Thursday, September 15, 2011

Road trips!

I LOVE ROAD TRIPS!! Like seriously they are the best ever! And I am about to embark on one starting this afternoon with my very awesome friend Jessi! And we are going to work our way to Maryland to go see our very missed best friends Kelly and Becky!! Seriously I am stoked!!!

It is so hard not having Kelly and Becky here and I miss them more than ever!! They are amazing women of God and I look up to them so much! I miss hearing their wisdom on things, whether it is on God or boys!

Becky and I have always have Thursday night dates since freshmen year here at Milligan.  And let me tell you, I miss them soooooooo much! Thursday's are just not the same without you Beck!

And me and Kelly, well I just miss her smiling face so much and cannot wait to see it again! She so freaking cute everyday and I miss that... a lot!

Now for the amazing road trip we will be taking.  Today we leave at 4ish and head to Virginia to see Jessi's family.  A home cooked meal is just what we want and need tonight! And then tomorrow starting at 5 a.m. we make our way to Maryland.  It will be about 6 hours and we are seriously stoked about it!!!

Then we get to spend Friday, Saturday, and Sunday with Beck and Kel! AHHHHHHHHH I just know it is going to be amazing!!

Wish us luck and pray us there safely! And there will def be an update on what happens!!

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