Sunday, July 27, 2014

5k Number 4

Saturday I ran yet another 5k.  Remember when I signed up for 4 5k's this summer?  Well this was race number 3 (I missed the second one).  I was suppose to run this race with Mattie and Brittany again, but both had to back out at the least minute.  Mattie hurt her foot and Brittany had to babysit.

I was so excited for this race so I decided to go no matter what to run the race.  I had been running more regularly before this race, unlike my first one this summer.  I had high hopes that I would improve my time.  I mean honestly as long as I did better than the last race I was going to be happy.

The night before the race I didn't feel good.  My tummy was just not right and it carried over to the morning.  I didn't sleep well either which did not help.  The last thing I wanted to be doing that morning was running a race.  But I went and I did it.

My first mile was a tough one.  And then I saw my time: 11:19.  About a minute faster than what I had been running previously.  I was proud of that mile but knew it would exhaust me for the rest of the time.  I did a lot of intervals of walking and running that race.

Fortunately, my foot didn't go numb quite as early as it did last time.  I got to at least 2.5 miles before it did and it never even got as bad as it did before.  Really at the end of the race I didn't even want to finish.  I passed my car before I got to the end and wanted nothing more than to run to it and quit.  But I didn't.

I ended up finishing the race right around the same time as the last race. At about 39 minutes.  My pace was a little better (by 3 seconds) so at least I didn't do worse?  I am happy I completed the race and now have a new plan for training for the last one.

I think part of my problem before this race was that I had not done anywhere near 3 miles.  When training I need to be doing this distance, no matter how much walking is included, so that my body can get use to it.

So here is to more training more 5k's in my future!!!


From Ice Cream to Marathon said...

Great job girl! Sorry you had tummy problems though. Proud of you for still pushing through to the end!

From Ice Cream to Marathon said...
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Miss Riss said...

Good job Mosby!! And good for you for running the race even though your buddies backed out ;) . Way to commit!