Monday, July 28, 2014

I Feel Like An Outsider

Last May I moved home from Tennessee for the final time.  I knew there would be no going back there to live, only visits.  I knew I would go back to calling Florida my home.  What I didn't know is that moving back here I would feel like an outsider to this place...even over a year later.

When I moved to Tennessee for school  I would tell everyone that I was from Florida.  But overtime, Tennessee became home to me.  It is where I spent the majority of the last four years of my life.  It is where I made the life long friends that I have.  It is where my heart always longs to go.

I was convinced that moving home, back to Florida, I would feel right at home.  I mean I did spend the first 18 years of my life here.  I was convinced I would love being back here.  I was also convinced that everything would work out perfectly and I would have everything I had in Tennessee here.

I was wrong.

I still feel as though I am an outsider in my own town.  When someone asks me where I am from I say here, but also add in that I spent the last four years in Tennessee.  When I think about home I still think about Tennessee and Milligan.  Which I always think Milligan will be my home in some way shape or form.  But sometime soon I should fit in here...right?

I have made some new friends who are new to this place, yet they still know about more things to do around here than I do.  I still feel as though I am learning everything here and that I will never catch up.

Even though I still feel like an outsider most days, I am finding my way around.  I am planting new roots here and I am loving it.  I have my family right at my finger tips.  I have friends who love me and make me do my homework.  And I have a job I am absolutely in love with.  

So while I may feel like an outsider most days, I know I'm not.  I am loved and appreciated here.  And I know this is where I am meant to be!

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The Jessa Olson Blog said...

It is tough to move to a new place. It takes time. That's the thing that gets me everytime that it can't happen overnight.