Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A Grateful Heart

I find it important to reflect back on things that I am grateful and thankful for.  Sometimes it's the little things, sometimes it's the big things.  Most days I find myself in disbelief over the life God has given me.  I am such a blessed person and I do not think I recognize that enough.

I am grateful for the family God has blessed me with.  He knew what he was doing when he sent me to my parents and my siblings.  I know I have talked a lot recently about how much I love them, but seriously guys you have no idea how thankful I am for them.  I wouldn't be getting through life without them.

I am grateful for the friends I and old.  I have had some awesome friends the last few years.  I am grateful for the ones who have stood beside me no matter what.  I have also been blessed to have made some awesome new friends.   Between Lili and all the other girls in grad school, they are key in keeping me sane through grad school.

I am grateful for my nanny family.  I got so blessed last fall when Wendy asked me to nanny for her.  I could not have picked a better family to be around.  I love those kids and I love spending time with them.  And Wendy and Gabe could not be nicer or better to me.  I don't even look at it as a job anymore, it's more of a time to relax and have fun.

I am grateful for running.  I may ride the struggle bus with it a lot, but at the end of the day I love it and look forward to that time to myself.  I love reaching goals and pushing myself to achieve them. And I love when I find a buddy to run with!

I am grateful for perfect Florida days.  There is absolutely nothing more relaxing to me than to float in the pool on a hot day.  I took time off this past weekend and did just that.

I am grateful for ice cream for the days that have not been so great. It's a great little pick me up at the end of a rough day. And it is my weakness. And sometimes I just need it. 

Finding the things in life to make me grateful makes my days so much better and more enjoyable.  I am a firm believer that you can find something good and positive, even in the worst of days.  So friends, find something today or yesterday that you are grateful for and focus on that, not on all the negative!


Jamie said...

Yes, yes, yes!

Miss Riss said...

The "struggle bus"...I'm gonna have to use that one :) I'm thankful for YOU!

Shannon Q. said...

:) yay!!

The Jessa Olson Blog said...

I have been struggling doth being simple & with grateful heart. Thanks for the reminder.