Thursday, July 17, 2014

Things I Don't Understand

There are many days that I find things I just do not understand. I mean sometimes this world comes up with some pretty crazy things. Or people do. Mostly people. In fact if I reflect on just one day alone I am pretty sure I could come up with several things I didn't understand...but that also may just be me and my brain farts over here!

Why water collects on top of yogurt or sour cream
Seriously this just grosses me out to no end. I just close my eyes and mix it as fast as I can so that it goes away. And I eat yogurt for breakfast every morning. 

Why Brutus must obsessively clean his litter box
He literally can spend 15 minutes in there at a time pawing at the sides (where there isn't any litter) trying to clean it. Most. Annoying. Thing. Ever. Especially at midnight. 

How people eat cottage cheese
That stuff is pure nastiness. Like all kinds of wrong texture going on there. 

Rude people who say "don't take this personally but..."
Hello I'm pretty sure not only will I take it personally but that you meant it to be in the first place. Rude. Rude. Rude. 

Why the amount I pee doesn't match the amount if water I drink
The more I drink the more I pee. As in I pee every 20 minutes some days. But I swear if you measured how much I peed to how much I drank it wouldn't be the same. There would be way more pee. 

How Barbie dolls go from cute to ratchet in 5 seconds or less
Their hair goes wild and unruly. They have teeth marks on them. Ok maybe that's just in the kids club at work...

Why it has to rain every afternoon in July 
Here in Florida we haven't had a day with out rain all month. I hate the rainy season. 

How I lucked out to have a job where I get to play by the pool
Nanny life is the best life. I think I want to quit school and just nanny...

How someone cannot like sweets
Ice cream is my one true weakness. I want it after every meal. And if you don't...then something must be wrong with you. 

Nuts in cookies
Nuts do not belong in cookies. Or brownies. If you put them there and don't warn me, I will never trust you again. 

What are some things you don't understand?  I can't be the only one out here:)


Shannon Q. said...

hehe!! I agree with a lot of yes, what EXACTLY is that watery stuff on top of the yogurt and why must it be there...and absolutely, cottage cheese should be removed from the planet!

The Pink Growl said...

I'm with you on the peeing & the sweets! haha

Miss Riss said...

I PEE ALL THE TIME. I hate it. Also, you said "ratchet"...lolz

Brittany said...

Um yes the amount of pee is so very disproportionate to the amount of liquids I drink. The water on dairy products is so gross! Yuck. And cottage cheese is just nasty. Nuts + cookies = a perfectly good cookie gone to waste

Kira Bublitz said...

we call nuts in cookies, boy cookies. most of us in my family don't like boy cookies or boy brownies either :)