Monday, September 16, 2013

Little Brutus

You know how people are either cat people or dog people? Well I am most definitely a cat person! It's not that I do not like dogs, I just do not want one of my own.  But I knew the moment I got my own place and could get a cat I wanted to.
I decided I wanted to get an orange cat.  And for it to be a male.  His name was to be Brutus!  Now just find the little man to fill my life...  I put off searching hoping my brother who works at a vet would get one in.  Plus I had to move into the new place first.
This weekend I was wanting my little Brutus pretty badly.  And when I went online to the SPCA and saw they had an orange and white male cat that was 2 months old...I just HAD to go.  And I did.  And I fell in love.  And I adopted him!!
Little Brutus is a pretty big hand full when he is not sleeping.  Within 30 minutes of getting home I had lost him.  He decided to hide in the back of the fridge.  And then late last night I lost him again.  He is was IN the couch.  Yes you read that right IN the couch.  I had to take off all the cushions to find him.
What he likes: pens, lanyards, and human food.  He hasn't even touched the toys I have bought him.  That little bugger!  I love him none the less.  He is also the best cuddler!!
And yes I am now that obnoxious cat mom who takes 9573459037 pictures of their pet:)


Miss Riss said...

I'm not normally a cat person, but for you Mosby, and little Brutus, I can. He's just too cute not to fawn over! I kept laughing at all your tweets yesterday, he sounds like a little bugger already!!

Brittany said...

Awww so cute!! He is so tiny

Amy said...

He is soooo cute!! I love kittens!