Monday, September 23, 2013

My Apartment: The After

Three weeks after moving in and sharing with you all the before pictures of my apartment, I am FINALLY ready to show you all the after pictures.  Now please keep in mind that it's always going to be a work in progress.  But here is what I have for now and I am very happy with it:)

Why don't we start with the kitchen.  I still love the size of my kitchen.  I just feel like it still needs some color in it.  Compared to my living and dining rooms it is REALLY white.

And then we have my dining room.  Yes I am missing a chair for my table.  It is in my bedroom being used as a desk chair currently.  I am looking to add a bookshelf in the corner near the window.  Other than that I love this room!

The living room is by far my most favorite room in the whole place.  I look at it now that it is more put together and I just fall in love.  I want to sit in there all day every day. PS mad props to my mom for recovering all of my couch cushions!

Also the wall with quotes on it is going to grow.  I just have to find some more prints that I am in love with.  For now this whole wall is done in thanks to Lauren.  All printables were made by her:) 

Here is a good view of the openness of the place.  I love how open everything is and how I can watch tv while I cook.  Oh and please excuse the trash by the door.  I was cleaning and getting everything put together yesterday when I took these pictures.

And then we have the bathroom aka Brutus's room.  He stays in here at night and when I am not home.  So you will find his food, bed, and litter box in here.  This is the one room I am not crazy about.  I just don't know what I want to do to change it.

My bedroom/office.  Again this room is not completely done.  I feel like it is a little bear and I need to add to it.  But I want to love it before I put it in there.  And your not seeing my amazingly huge closet because it is amazingly messy.  

Oh and excuse this mess at the desk.  I am in the process of writing a lovely paper.  

Well there she is friends.  I love it and cannot wait to keep making it my own place and a home.  

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Miss Riss said...

Looks great Mosby!! I love the color of your bedding, and the monogram above your bed!