Tuesday, September 3, 2013

New Job Training

For the past week or so I have been training at one of my new jobs (I have two new ones).  I got hired by the same gym I have been working at the past two summers to work the front desk.  This was something I really wanted to do, and made it happen for myself.

I had about 4 days of training and to say it went smoothly is an understatement.  I was a little worried I would not catch on to how to do everything, but honestly I picked everything up in one day what the other people I trained with took 3 days to learn.

The hard part comes when I am by myself and I have to greet everyone, answer the phones, ring people up, and make shakes all at one time.  I have always had at least one other person with me, but this Friday night I will be by myself.

For the most part I love the people I work with and look forward to working the front desk.  I get to be social and talk to people which is a must in any job of mine.  This job will mostly be nights and weekends for me since my other job, substitute teaching, will take up my days.

Sorry for a lame short no pictures post, but life has been in the way majorly lately.  Between training for my job, starting classes, and moving into my apartment this week, I have been crazy busy.

Hopefully I will find sometime this week to tell you all about my first days of school!

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Miss Riss said...

I always knew you were a smart girl ;)