Wednesday, September 11, 2013

My Other Job

Last week I told you all about training for my new job working at the front desk at Gold's Gym South Lakeland.  And now I want to tell you all about my other new job.  I am a substitute teacher!! And I love it! I get to be in the classroom without all the responsibilities of lesson planning.

Yesterday I had my first day.  I went up to the middle school I went to and actually subbed for my 7th grade math teacher! Talk about a total turn around!  It was so cool to be back at the school and see how things have changed and how they have stayed the same.

They now play music when the bell rings in the morning.  Each grade has a specific color shirt they have to wear every day.  They don't have to tuck their shirts in anymore.  The teachers have to walk the kids to and from lunch. The floor tiles are blue now.  

Most of the time subs just have to show up, hand out a worksheet or play a movie, and then make sure the kids do not kill each other.  Not me.  I actually taught some lessons.  Unfortunately for those kiddos math and me do not get along.  So we all learned together.

The kids were pretty much great the whole day.  And I got lucky because I only had 3 classes and got to leave 2 hours early because of the teachers planning period.  I loved being up there at the school and being around kids again.  I got to eat lunch with old teachers which was fun too.

The only non fun part: One girl said I looked like I was 40.  Good thing all the other kids had my back and told her she was crazy town! 22 people. 22.


Miss Riss said...

Mosby, you are so much braver than me! I could never be a substitute math teacher for middle schoolers!! You're cray! =) That's so cool though, that it was for your 7th grade teacher! Circle of life...haha

leelee said...

I do have many fond memories of my time as a substitute teacher. There were some horror stories too, but mostly fond memories.