Thursday, September 26, 2013

True Life: My Hair Grows

A little while ago my Lauren started a series about how we bloggers are in real life.  It's called #truelife blogger.  And today I have some true life coming for you.

So this is how I show you my hair looks.  Always cute and put together.  It is almost always pinned back in some way (I hate hair in my eyes).

Well it does not always look that way.  In fact most mornings it takes a little work to get it cute.  Or maybe a lot of work...

This is no joke how my hair looks most mornings.  Sometimes it is a lot worse.  I get rats nests in my hair ALL THE TIME.  I swear my hair grows at night.

Most of the time I shower and wash it to tame it down before I go somewhere.  But if you ever see me with my hair up? That means I couldn't control it and didn't want to wash it.

Hope you all still love me with my crazy hair and all!


1 comment:

Miss Riss said...

Hahaha, love the pic!! You still manage to look cute =) And I love the idea for this link-up, I'm gonna go check it out!