Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Weight loss/Running/ Health Update

It has been a while since I have not only posted a picture like this, but also since I have updated you all about my weight loss and running and such.  So what better day than today?  I am in need of this accountability so I think the time is perfect.

I have been hovering between 190-195 pounds for the past couple of months.  The picture above is from last night and I am right around 195.  And I hate it.  I don't feel good at this weight.  I know what 184 feels like and I want that back plus losing more.

The past few weeks with moving, starting grad school. and starting a new job has had me putting myself on the back burner.  I have not made running or working out of any kind a priority.  And I really want to.  

I have needed to settle into a schedule.  And I think I kinda have.  So I am vowing now to start running and to take my health back.  I really want to do Advocare's 24 day challenge. My sister is currently doing it and I think it is the kick start I may need.  Any tips/advice on that?!

I need to only buy the good healthy foods and really focus on my diet.  Eating something because it is quick and easy is no longer allowed.  I need to get into meal prep majorly since I work or have school every night.  Sunday's may need to become a major cooking day!

So this week I will run.  And I will eat right.  And I will take my health back!



Miss Riss said...

You can do it Mosby!! ...I'll text you mean things if you don't...I kid I kid =)

Amy said...

I wish you lived closer and we could run together!! I've been off my game lately, too. Hoping to get back on board with the healthy train!