Sunday, March 24, 2013

Prayer Chain

Linking up today with Amy and Melissa for the Prayer Chain! I love this linkup and have been so busy the past weeks that I have not been able to link up.  But today I have lots of praises and requests!

I have finally chosen a grad school! It is so refreshing to know where I will be going after I graduate!

I ran 3.2 miles yesterday! It has been so much fun learning how to run and seeing myself improve over time!

I am in the process of looking for a job back home.  My problem is I cannot take a 9-5 job because starting the second semester of grad school I will have a practicum and internships to do.  I know God has something out there for me, and I am praying He will reveal it all soon.

Motivation to make it to graduation.  I have major senioritis! I don't want to do anything that is school related ever...but I have to make the grades in order to stay in grad school!

Thank you for all of the prayers and please know I will be praying for all of you who link-up as well!!


Victoria said...

hooray for picking a grad school!! and running 3.2,awesome!!

i will pray that you find a job that fits your schedule :)

happy sunday!

Melissa Jo said...

Thank you for joining us Mosby! I'm so excited about your grad school news and I know the Lord will bless you following His plan. Running- that "high"- is amazing.... such a great feeling. Keep on. I'll keep your future job and motivation on my prayer list this week.

Amy said...

3.2 miles is AWESOME girl!! That's more than a 5K! I've loved watching you get into running :) I just love how Blogland has shown me that anyone can do it!! I certainly would never have thought of myself as a runner a year ago lol.

I'll be praying over your job, and over your last bit of school! Keep up the hard work lovely!