Thursday, March 7, 2013

I Got My First No Ever

Today I received my first ever rejection letter. Four years ago when I applied for undergrad I never received a no from a school.  I got into all three of the ones I applied to, and got to choose where I wanted to go.

Well during this grad school application process I knew I should expect to get a no.  In fact the one I got I actually wanted.  I did not want to be accepted to USF.  I did not want to be part of that program after the interview I had with them.

I am 100% completely OK and even happy and even relieved that I did not get into USF.  I could not have had a worse interview with them, and I didn't want to have to make the choice about going there.  Sometimes having decisions made for you can be a good thing!

Tomorrow I have my last interview with a school here in Tennessee.  Pretty sure it cannot get worse than last week, but none the less I am praying for it to go well! After that I can FINALLY make a final decision and move forward!


Melissa Jo said...

I was praying that the Lord would show you a clear defined path, that he would open the right doors and close all the wrong ones. In a strange way I'm happy that he said "Mosby, this is not what I have for you.. I have something else.. and it is SO much better than USF could have been."

Amy said...

I've been praying the same thing as Melissa!! I think it can be hard to discern what God wants for us when we have lots of options laying at our feet, sometimes it's helpful to have God make it as clear as possible.

Excited that you are getting closer to making your final decision! Can't wait to heart what it is!

Is it too late to apply to schools in CA? :)