Sunday, March 3, 2013

Weekend Recap!

1. Friday night, after a long horrible grad school interview (more on that tomorrow), I decided to make some Dr. Seuss inspired cookies.  They didn't turn out exactly right but I had fun dying my hands in the process!

2. Apparently this week is midterms? I only have one test so I didn't know.  I have to make notecards for all of my tests and so I spent most of the afternoon and night on Saturday doing that.  And of course had to finish them up on Sunday.

3.  Sunday morning church outfit.  I think multiple watches should be a new trend!  I had to wear all of them for a skit we were doing for the kids.  It was cute and they loved it:)

4. Went for my second solo run and lasted two miles.  I had not run since Tuesday due to weather, and really needed to get this run in.  It snow flurried on me quite a bit, but with my four layers on and gloves I was warm.  
Fun story from that run: I totes did not know, it but apparently I enabled live tracking on my run with the app I use.  Well at about 1.65 miles I was praying for some extra strength to keep going.  And next thing I know I get a text from my running partner Lauren, telling me I was doing good!  I was slightly confused but was grateful for that text coming right when I needed it.  God really does like to show his stuff sometimes:)

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!


Brittany said...

Good luck on your test!! I have 2 this week :(

And that is really awesome about the tracking and then getting that message at the perfect time :)

Julie said...

Your weekend sounds pretty nice (minus the studying. i know how bad that can be!). Those cookies look so yummy and fun!

Julie said...
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