Monday, March 11, 2013

Weekend Recap

Oh what a crazy weekend of traveling it has been! I swear I have barely stopped until now as I write this out!  Getting to Spring Break took a lot more effort than I ever thought it could.  But I am so glad it is here and I really look forward to this week.

Friday I had my FINAL grad school interview.  Of course I will have a whole new post about that coming up tomorrow.  Let's just say it went a whole lot better than the last one!

After completing my 4 hour interview I hit the road at about 1 p.m. to head towards Atlanta to see Mattie and Boone.  I really just wanted to get out of TN and I like cutting my drive in half so it worked out perfectly for me to drive to her.

Unfortunately when I hit that beautiful skyline above, I hit the worse traffic.  Sat there for over 30 minutes, thought I was in the clear and then hit another 30 minutes of traffic.  I am not the most patient driver this was torture to me.  I was suppose to get in around 6:30 and did not meet up with Mattie till almost 8.

We went out for some sushi and catch up time.  It was great to be able to spend some time with her and catch up on life.  When we got home she told me Boone would be sleeping in the bed with us.  He refused to go to his kennel, so I spent the night with a dog laying on top of me.  A 70 pound dog laying on top of me.  

I had to leave early the next morning to make it to FL at a reasonable time.  Another 6 hour drive turned into 7 when I hit traffic.  Seriously hate me some traffic!!!

After getting to FL I had a nice relaxing evening with my parents and friends.  Yummy food and drinks were involved.  I only spent one night at the beach house, but cannot wait to be back on Thursday.

Sunday I ran 2.25 miles in 24.04 minutes! Seriously proud about it not only being my longest distance but also shortest time!  I am seriously in love with running and the high that comes with it.  Tuesday I am hoping to hit 2.5 miles...wish me luck:)

Hoping yall had a little bit more relaxing weekend than I did:)


Amy said...

Girl that time is AWESOME!! Isn't running wonderful? Good luck with the 2.5 miles! I'd love to hear how they go!

Miss Riss said...

OMG I hate fighting traffic too!! Instead of rush hour, I call it grumpy hour...cause seriously, traffic makes me grumpy!! Sounds like you had a good weekend though!...besides all the traffic that is, lol! Enjoy your sprin break!!