Sunday, March 17, 2013

Spring Break 2013

Sorry I have been a little MIA lately.  Last week was Spring Break and I really just wanted to enjoy the time I had with my family.  I needed this break more than anything and it ended up being just perfect.  Oh and it doesn't hurt I will be heading back home in a week and a half for Easter!

I stared my week off right by making my decision about grad school!  You can read more about that here.

The rest of the week was spent relaxing, car shopping, and exercising.  My dad has offered to buy/lease me a new car for a graduation present.  We had to wait and see where I decided to go till we could pick a car.  I am so excited to be hopefully getting a Volkswagen Beetle!!!

Mom and I went to do some shopping on Thursday.  I got a new running shirt and shoes! She had to match me on the new shirt!  This plus the beautiful day on the island helped me make the fastest longest run ever for me! I was so freaking excited about that run!

Dad picked up his new boat, The Reel Hard II, on Friday and we took it out for a ride.  It's the same kind of boat I grew up on so it brought back a lot of memories being on one again.  I am so excited for this summer and riding around in it!

It was so nice to be back with my family and in Florida! Hope everyone had a great weekend too:)


Kate said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun! Congrats on all of the new, exciting things.

Miss Riss said...

So jealous your family has a boat...and water to use it on! Lol!!