Monday, March 11, 2013

Grad School Interview #4

Friday was my fourth and FINAL Grad School interview! Here are links to the other 3 if you would like to get caught up and hear all about the fun stress I have been through

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After coming off a completely AWFUL interview and rejection letter, I was really nervous about this interview.  I did not want to have another bad day, I wanted to impress these people, and I just did not know what to expect.  I think because my expectations were kinda low, it helped me become very impressed by ETSU.

We had a 4 hour group interview process.  Yes 4 hours.  But it flew by!  Twenty of the applicants gathered in one room together (we later found out another 20 applicants had an afternoon interview and there was a third group after Spring Break).  It was kinda nerve racking to see everyone I could possibly be in class with.

Our first task was to introduce ourselves.  "Hi my name is Mosby Hardin, I am from Lakeland, Florida, and I am currently obtaining my undergraduate degree in Psychology and Child Development at Milligan College."  NAILED IT! Whew so glad I got that one right:)

We then had to look at a set of eyes and determine what emotion was being shown.  We had choices on the emotions that could be shown.  A little confusing but fun too.  Not really sure what the purpose of this was.

After looking at eyes, we were separated into 4 groups of 5.  There were 4 rooms that held professors and activities in them.  We traveled from room to room with our group and stayed in each room for 20-25 minutes.  

The first room my group went into we were asked to discuss with the professor what we think, how we feel, or what we have experienced when it came to discrimination of any kind.  One girl discussed homosexuality, myself and another girl discussed out work with international students, the one guy in the group has worked with Youth Villages, and the last lady has not experienced much.  

After that room we made our way to what was the hardest room for me to be in.  I did not really "get" or agree with what was being talked about, so I struggled to actually make some points.  The professor told us all he believed everyone could speak four languages.  The language of the mind, language of the body, language of the heart, and language of the spirit.  

The professor asked us to define what spirit is.  When the first guy started talking about animal spirits, I knew I was out of my comfort zone.  I didn't agree with anything anyone said.  They were way out there.  Fortunately this was not a right or wrong question and I could answer what I really thought.

After that we listened to a recording of a husband and wife discussing the husbands brain damage and suicide attempt.  We then had to discuss the recording using our 4 "languages".  I understood mind, heart, and spirit.  Totally did not get the body.  I am kinesthetically challenged so I wasn't surprised.  

I know I struggled and did not do well in the second room.  The professor had to engage me because I felt weird talking since I disagreed with what the majority of the people were talking about.  I forgot that this wasn't was an interview.

I revived myself in the next room with the role playing.  I'm a good talker and listener, so I felt that while this challenge was a little difficult, I did my best and felt great after that.  

The last room I am pretty sure I shocked the professor.  We were the last group that she saw, and I would bet money I could tell you everyone's answer to her second question and that I did not answer it that way.  She first asked us which clients do we think would be most difficult for us to see.  Not too bad.

Then she wanted to know if there is any client we would never see.  For no reason in particular everyone in my group answered before.  They along with probably every other applicant said something along the lines of "I do not think there is anyone I would not be able to work with.  Some would be difficult but I would not turn anyone away."

Yeah that was not my answer.  I thought about it and I had to be honest.  I told the professors in there that I absolutely refuse to work with rehabilitating child molesters.  I have been in a class where this was intensely discussed.  I talked to a man who counseled child molesters in hopes to rehabilitate them. I WILL NOT DO THAT!  Some people are called there, I am not.  I love my kids and could not imagine working with someone who harmed them on that level.  

All the professors said back to me "Wow.  Thank you for your honesty."  Oh and everyone else in my group was shocked I said something.  Yes I know that was not the "correct" answer, but it was the truth.  And I was not about to lie.  

3 hours and 4 rooms down, all we had left was financial aid talk and hearing from current students.  I learned quite a bit form these sessions, but really I was starving and ready to go.

I was so happy I had such a good interview process.  It really opened my eyes to the school and what my options would be.  I felt like I had a good idea of whether I would like it there or not.  ETSU has an amazing program.  But I have to wait till the end of the month to see what they have to say about me!

Sorry for such a long post.  I just thought the interview process was worth writing down and I wanted to be able to remember it all:)

Come back tomorrow for a HUGE announcement!


The Unlikely Runner said...

wow that sounds stressful but it sounds like you did really well! I think your honesty in what types of people you wouldn't work with was very good and completely honest - definitely a great quality to have! Good luck!

Amy said...

I so admire your honesty!! Proud of you girl, and I know it will pay off when you end up at the perfect school for you, whatever that may be!

So excited for your announcement tomorrow!! :)

Melissa Jo said...

Your honesty is something to be admired, so glad this interview went well for you!