Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Learning to Run With a Partner

When I started running over two months ago (holy cow thats a long time) I was SO thankful to have someone who wanted to run with me.  I really do not think I could have done it without Lauren.  She inspired me and kept me moving.

When we started off it was great because we were in the same boat and ran at the same pace.  We wanted to go the same distance too.  This made it super easy to run with each other.  And when we were apart I missed her.

Well then gradually our paces changed.  And I started liking running alone and being in my head.  When we were together I felt like we had to be talking, and this made running really hard for me because I could not catch my breath.

But I didn't want to not run with her.  I loved have an accountability partner in the mornings.  I loved her encouragement.  And I loved the time we got to spend together.

But we also needed to run our way.  So we came up with a plan.  We start together, we don't talk, and we don't worry about leaving the other behind (mainly her leaving me behind because I am slow).  And when we saw each other on the paths we waved and jumped and fist pumped the air.

We still have the accountability and I still think of her as my running partner.  We just may not always be side by side.

I don't know if I have said enough how grateful I am for this woman.  She is an amazing friend and I love her to pieces:)  Thanks Lauren for all you do for me and sharing your wonderfully big heart:)

*pictures were taken on a cold snowy morning after not my favorite or best run. please ignore the sad tired no makeup faces

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Lauren @ The Albrechts Blog said...

Love this and love you!!! This made me feel so loved!!:)