Monday, April 15, 2013


So my weekend consisted of studying and homework.  I know be jealous I live the good life! So instead of a good post all about my weekend I just have some random photos from Terrific Tuesday I didn't share and some exciting news!
Also I have been a bad blogger.  To say I have a lot going on is seriously an understatement.  It's that time of the semester where everything is due all at one time.  I have tests, I am trying to finish my practicum and I have all those random assignments due.  I'm stressed.  
Oh and I as I write this I remember I forgot to do an assignment...great!
Any ways I think it is time for some good news.... I SIGNED UP FOR MY FIRST 5K!!!  Yup I'm pretty stoked about that one!  Lauren and I decided that we wanted to run a race.  This is totally a random one that we found on one of our running trails.
I feel like after I do this run I will officially be a runner.  Not that I'm not now...but I feel like this makes it officially official!
Well my friends it is time to get back to studying for my Abnormal Psychology test and do that assignment I forgot all about!  

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Amy said...

Ahhh I am SO excited for you!! :) Races make me so giddy now, haha. Life of a runner, right? ;)

I WISH I could come do it with you!! Or at least celebrate with you at the finish line!