Thursday, April 25, 2013

What's Keeping Me Going

This month has been insanely busy for me.  Totally last month of the semester gotta get everything done kind of month.  Every week I have some kind of assignment or paper due or a group project to work on.

Trying to look on the bright side of it all here are some things that are keeping me going.  Things I can look forward to and get excited about!

I cannot believe I will be graduating in 16 days! I swear I just moved into last week!  But graduation means moving home, going to grad school, having my own apartment, and SUMMER!  Oh how the beach is calling my name!

Napa Valley, California:
My graduation gift is a trip with my parents and sister to Napa! I cannot wait to be in California with them tasting wine and relaxing!  I just know this is going to be one awesome trip!

Training for a half marathon:
So I have decided I want to train for a half marathon this summer! I have no clue when and where I am going to run it, but after talking to my friend Grizel about it I am super stoked to do it!  I cannot believe how much I love running now!!



The Unlikely Runner said...

Happy Birthday!! And training for a half marathon is such a great goal!! I can't wait to read about how it goes! :)

Amy said...

Yayyy! Girl I am SO stoked for you about the half marathon!! I'm gearing up for mine, and I'm not gonna lie, I'm at the phase now where I just want it to BE HERE!

I hope you have a wonderful birthday!!