Friday, April 26, 2013

WOOHOO 22!!!

Well friends today I turn the big 22! Oh how I love birthdays...especially mine! I love how nice everyone is to me and all the love that comes out of it!

I'm really surprised I have not talked more about my birthday on here.  Usually I drive everyone insane with the amount of times I mention my birthday.  I guess I have just been busy this year!

So what will my day be consisting of?

No classes
Morning Pedicure
Afternoon shopping
Picking up my first ever 5k race packet
Getting ready
Dinner with my favorites

Sounds like the best day ever to me!  I cannot wait to go and have all my friends in one place being "those girls".

Oh and she would kill me if I didn't mention is... HAPPY BIRTHINGDAY MOM!

Here is what I did for my 20th and 21st!

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Julie said...

Awesome! Happy birthday, girlie! Have an amazing day :)