Tuesday, April 9, 2013


I can prove in two words that my college is better than your college: Wonderful Wednesday (or Terrific Tuesday this year).  All classes get canceled for the day and we sleep in, have brunch, play intramurals, have inflatables, a huge water slide, and milk chugging contests.

Here are my recaps from last year and the year before.

Milligan is seriously legit.  This tradition has been going on since long before even my mom went here. We get a day of pure relaxation and fun.  And let me tell you college students have fun better than the rest of them.

The theme this year was "Coney Island".  The caf was decorated with waves, balloons, posters, and lollipops.  We even had a fun ferris wheel chair to take pictures with.  I spent the day with Ashlee and Eliza, and I could not have had more fun!

 Oh and seeing all these lovely ladies wasn't too bad either.  Kelly (bottom left) is my roomie, bestie, and the master mind behind Terrific Tuesday.  And she did pretty dang awesome this year.

Being able to walk around and see all your friends having so much fun is better than anything!

The Milligan water slide...aka the most dangerous thing on the face of the planet.  Last year I tried it out.  This year I opted to play photographer.  There were so many people going down at once that the tarp split in two....oops?

The last event of the day was the milk chugging contest.  Somehow we convinced Ash that since it was Senior year she should do it...she did really well and then well....puked.  Why we find it so fun to watch people chug milk and puke I will never know.

My final Wonderful Wednesday could not have been any better.  I was so relaxed, got some sun/burn, spent time with the besties, and had pure fun.  I loved the day and would not have done anything different!

Thanks Milligan for having such great traditions!


Brittany said...

That is super awesome!! Looks like fun

Amy said...

This looks AWESOME!! How fun!

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Melissa Jo said...

This is great! I wish all colleges cancelled classes for a day like this!