Thursday, March 13, 2014

I Quit....Kinda

This week I kind of quit one of my jobs. How do you kinda quit you ask? Well you go in and tell you boss you are overwhelm and losing your sanity and are not sure you can work there anymore. And then she is lovely and helps get your already scheduled shifts covered. And then still allows you stay on as a call in or emergency person.
So which of my 782657936457 jobs did I quit?  The one at the gym. I have worked for Golds Gym for about two ish years. I worked two summers in the kids club and then I have worked at the front desk since last August. 

It was a great job. I will be forever grateful to have had to opportunity to work at Golds. I met so many people there that I know I will be friends with for a long time. But I just needed to a break. I had to take a break or I was going to lose my sanity. And I would be losing it fast. 

Since last August I have worked at the front desk, been a substitute teacher, been a nanny, and in graduate school full time. When I started I could handle it all. I was able to make it work and still had balance in my life. But then January came and things changed. 

I was still working the front desk 15 hours a week (sometimes a little more if I covered for someone), substitute teaching at least once a week if not more, nannying at least once a week if not more, and in graduate school full time. And then let's add in a Practicum (like and internship) for school that is about 10 hours a week. Needless to say I have had a lot on my plate. Oh and I have been waking up at 4:30 am to work out. 

My days went from 4:30-11 everyday Monday-Friday. I have been beyond exhausted. I don't function well on 6 hours of sleep. Some of my days I would be working from 7:30-9. Straight from one job to the next. I hated it. I dreaded it. 

And so I had to evaluate my situation. I needed to give something up. I can't quit school. That's a hell no. And I love love love subbing and nannying. Plus they pay was a bit more than the front desk job. And my hours at the front desk were the ones I needed to get back in my life. 

So after looking at my financial situation and talking to my parents, I talked to my boss at the gym. The weight that lifted off my shoulders knowing I would no longer be out till 10 every night and could finally have a life was immense. I could make plans with friends. I could see my family. I could relax for more than one day a week. 

As much as I hated kinda quitting, I am very happy I did. I know it will be so worth it in the end.  Also I am VERY thankful for such sweet people there who completely understood my situation and were willing to work with me.  I really could not have a found a better people to be working for.


Jennifer Ovenshire said...

It's awesome that they were so understanding!

Miss Riss said...

So happy for you! Glad you can get some of that sanity back! ;)

Brittany said...

I bet it feels amazing to know that you are not booked solid everyday :)