Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Remember Who You Are

"Remember who you are" Those four words have more meaning to me than anyone could ever imagine.  They have made me laugh.  They have made me cry.  They have made me have all the warm fuzzies on the inside.  They have been words I have lived by.  And they have been said to only the best of friends.

Sometime during freshmen year of college, one of the girls I was best friends with said these words to us.  I have no idea who started it (anyone remember?) but it was said by someone every time another walked out the room.  The person may be going to class, to work, on a date, or just across the hall to their room.  But they must always remember who you are.

I am the sentimental kind of person who holds onto words like these with the stronghold of my entire heart.  I tuck them away and feel all the feelings when I hear them said to me.  Mostly because I know they are coming from someone I know loves me, but also because they make me laugh and remember the best time of my life.

The other week I was a little down in the dumps and I texted one of "those girls" Ashlee.  Girlfriend always seems to be able to cheer me up and I miss having her live less than 2 minutes away from me.  During the conversation she said at some point those four little words "remember who you are" and within seconds I had laughed and felt at ease again.

This is what best friends were made for.  They are there in our times of need, to say just the right thing, and to warm our hearts.  I am thankful to have and to have had some amazing friends in my life over the course of the last 23 years.  I wouldn't trade a single one of them for anything.  

So the next time you leave to go somewhere don't forget, "Remember Who You Are".

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Miss Riss said...

I feel like Dumbledore must've said this at some point too ;)