Monday, September 15, 2014

Wanna Be Better Than The Best

We all strive to be the best at something in our lives.  We may even try to portray ourselves as being the best of the best. But if we are being honest, there are many things in life we could be better at.  I know I have quite a few things that could fit this category!

I wanna be better at decorating.  
I always thought that I knew how to decorate.  And I would say I do as long as I am not the one who has to buy everything to decorate with.  Most things in the store seem so much better than when I get them back home.  Currently my apartment is only half way decorated...and while I have ideas on what I want to do, I know they won't be happening anytime soon!

The only half of the space above my cabinets with decorations.  Except Brutus ate that plant.
I wanna be better at cooking
Honestly I am not that bad of a cook.  In fact I even love cooking.  But cooking for one and cooking healthy I seem to struggle a lot with.  I never have the desire to cook just for myself anymore.  It's no fun and no one is there to appreciate it.

I wanna be better at not procrastinating
I am HORRIBLE about putting everything off until the last minute.  Homework, cleaning, cooking, running errands.  They are all done at the last minute.  Instead I tend to sit on my couch and read or watch tv.  I wish I was more likely to do everything else first, and then watch the tv.  

I wanna be better at spending time with people
It's not that I am too busy or don't want.  I just never seem to remember to spend time with people I love.  One of my first friends here in Florida is about to move away and now I feel myself cramming in time to spend with her.  I hope to get better at taking the time to spend with friends and not taking as much "Mosby" time.

I wanna be better at saving
I have never been known to be the saver in the family.  I get money, I spend money.  When I was working more jobs that actually paid last year, I was able to save quite a bit of money.  Since I do not have to most steady income saving is hard for me.  My desire is to get better at this when I know I have that steady income.

What do you want to be better at?  Maybe we can team up and help each other strengthen our weaknesses!

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Miss Riss said...

You wanna be better at all the things I wanna be better at. Except cooking. I've tried to be better at that and I still hate it. But if you find out the secret to being less of a procrastinator...lemme know ;)