Saturday, March 17, 2012

Fun Friday Randoms

Ok I know it says Fun Friday Randoms and today is Saturday, but just go with it.  It was a super busy day for me yesterday.  I already had this post written and I am just now getting around to posting it!

Staying up till 3 am?
         Yeah this does not happen very often, but it did this week.  I just had to hear all about Beck's engagement, see the ring, and share in some wonderful girl time.  Much needed.  No regrets.

Barberitos is our fave!
        I cannot even begin to tell you how often the girls and I go to Barbs.  Like multiple times in one week most of the time.  It is our jam.  And we always seem to have some fun photo sessions while there!

Planning a bridal shower!
       Not as easy as it seems.  But I am working with such wonderful girls, Erika and Lauren T, and doing it for such a wonderful girl, Lauren A!  I cannot wait for everything to come together! Anybody know of an inexpensive place to do invites?

I got this fun ring the other day!
        And I love it so much! Jewelmint is seriously my jam!

Hope you all enjoyed a little more randomness from my life!

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