Tuesday, March 20, 2012

What I Learn From First Graders

As many of you may know, I go weekly to a local elementary school and "observe" in a first grade class room. This basically means I go in and help in anyway I can. In the past I have graded papers or just simply watched how the class worked. This year I was thrown right in and help the students with whatever they are working on.

I love these kids and love spending time with them. At this age they still respect me and listen to whatever I say. They also think I am the greatest thing since sliced bread ( and I am...jk).

So here are some things that I have had the joy of learning from these lovely little fellows and ladies.

1. I am smart. While encouraging one of the little girls, she looked at me and said "Your really smart too." Well thanks friend! It's always great to hear that.
2. 14 is really old in their eyes....I guess at 20 this makes me ancient? Some of the boys were guessing my age one day and started at 14 and worked their way up. Hey at least I'm not as old as the teacher.....?
3. Spiderman is not as cool as he once was... I was talking two boys and referenced him and they looked at me like I was crazy.
4. Getting a 100% on an AR test is so worth telling the class about! They love doing "book talks" on the latest thing they read and did well on!
5.  Getting out of class for pictures is still the best thing ever.  The whole class went crazy the other day when we went to go have their pictures taken.  A crazy bunch they are!

I learn so much more from them...and you will probs be hearing again about that!

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