Friday, March 23, 2012

Fun Friday Randoms

Free Ritas was the best...
      Wednesday was the first day of Spring, and with that came FREE Rita's Italian Ice!! And with that came some awesome girl time with Becky! I know I say it a lot, and it is totally true, I just love the time I get to spend with Becky.  She is the best.  You all should be jealous that I am best friends with her and you are not!

I have HUGE dark circle under my eyes
      Ok maybe they are not HUGE, but I feel like they are.  I told Jessi that I felt like they looked like Dan's did on One Tree Hill on Wednesday.  She kindly told me they weren't.  And if they were she would be concerned about me doing drugs.  Glad she is looking out for me! I would show you a picture, but that just would not be cute...

Me Sing?
     Yeah I am definitely not a great singer at all!  Now all of the best friends? They can sing.  Of course.  Just my luck.  I actually feel bad for them and anyone else who ever has to stand by me when I sing.  I try. I really do.  But lets just say, I am so thankful for a God who doesn't care how I sound as long as I am praising his name!

Wanna see the ring?
      A little while ago I shared with you all Becky and Josh's engagement story. (if you missed it look here)  At the time Beck didn't have the best picture of her ring online yet.  I mean this rock is GORGEOUS!! And I wanted to make sure the picture did it justice.  So do you wanna see it? Ok good here it is!!!
Don't y'all just love it?!

I have my first tan line of the season!
     Last weekend Becky and I laid out for a good hour or so.  Oh how nice it is to have some warm weather to lay in!  I didn't get too much sun, and I am so grateful I didn't burn, but I got a little.  Which makes this girl super happy!
Ok so you can't really see it, but it's there! Promise!!
Hope y'all are having an awesome Friday! Not too many fun plans ahead of me for the weekend.  Just lots of homework and tests and papers to work on! Boo!

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