Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Midweek Confessions

Cheddar Rounds...YUM!
      After living in the Tri-Cites area for about 3 years now, you would think I would have tried the Cheddar Rounds from Pals by now.  But no I had not.  Until yesterday morning.  And let me tell you friends, AMAZING! Perfect breakfast...with a sweet tea of course!
Cheddar Rounds!

I hate laundry...
     It's not that I hate doing laundry, it's that I hate paying for laundry.  Being a college kid and living so far away from home, the main way for me to get my laundry done is to go to the basement of Hart and pay for it.  And let me tell you, that adds up to a lot of money over time.  $5 every time I have to do it.  And I wear a lot of clothes, so I kinda do laundry like once every other week.  Its a bummer.  But I love clean clothes!

I still haven't done my homework yet.
     I'm really hoping my professor doesn't read this and see that I have yet to start on her Toolbox activity for her class.  We have to come up with 20 "lesson plan" type things.  And they have to be creative activities.  And they are hard to come up with.  And I keep putting it off.  I probs should start on right now! (Actually I when I wrote this it was true.  As of now I have 2 activities done!!!)

I refuse to drink water out of the sink...
      Please tell me I am not the only one like this. Please? Ok good.  I just don't trust good ole Milligan's water all that much.  It kinda upsets my poor little tummy (or say I think it does).  So smart me bought a Brita Water filter about 2 years ago.  Best decision ever.

I have become OBSESSED with blogs
      I think I told you about this before, but lets get serious.  I think I may have a problem.  I read blogs instead of....well instead of everything.  I just love it.  Want to know the one I am loving the most? Megan over at Mackey Madness.  Will you be my new best friend?! Seriously love reading your blog!

I think my vanity light is evil...
   I know that sounds weird.  Go ahead and make fun.  Are you done? Ok good.  Now let me tell you why.  The light on my vanity makes the most obnoxious (I had trouble spelling that word for some reason) sound on the face of the planet! I will have it on and it will start buzzing.  Now if it just buzzed the whole time it was on that would be one thing.  But no. This things buzzes, then stops.  Then buzzes again.  Then stops.  Then buzzes again.  And so on until I get really annoyed and turn it off.  Like I am about to go do now!
The evil vanity light

I stayed up until 1 a.m."studying"
      So last night I was suppose to be studying.  And I had very good intentions to study.  And I kinda studied?  Well you see what happened was....a good friend decided to come over.  Morgan and I were suppose to study Child Psychopathology, but instead just learned more and more about each other.  It was really fun.  She's just so much fun, and we have a lot in common.  And I love making new friends.  So I think I made the right choice....and I promise I will study for my test!
This is me at 1:30. I was tired.

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