Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Midweek Confessions

I Am Not A Happy Camper
       The pain (which I know I talk about all the time.  Get over it, it's a big part of my life!) has moved down to my elbow.  I had to out an ice pack on it since pain meds aren't working very well.
I obviously was not happy about this!
What I Have to Keep By My Bed
      How many of you do your best thinking while falling asleep? Well I do.  And that creates a problem for me...I think of things or make good plans for the next day and then forget come the morning time.  So I keep a cute little notepad by my bed so that I can write down everything I need to remember.  This usually makes me feel like an old lady...and I am only 20.  Thank goodness for some Vera!

I Can Be Kinda A Mess...
    My life is kinda crazy.  I am taking 18 hours of class, working 10 hours on campus, volunteering at my church {Kinda been slacking on the one :(}, planning a Bridal Shower, and attempting to keep up with a social life.  This being said, my planner is a major part of my life.  But it is falling apart:( And it ends in June:(  So what does that mean? I need a new one! Erin Condren has some pretty awesome ones (birthday present anyone?!)

I Love The Hunger Games!!
      I read all of the books over Christmas Break, and was so excited to see the movie! No I was not one of those who went to the midnight premier (I just don't like crowds, and I was way too busy).  But on Saturday night I went with Ashlee and Eliza and finally saw it! OMG LOVE LOVE!
Oh I just love all these characters!
I Am Very Forgetful
     I walked into Walmart yesterday to pick up some notecards and coffee.  I knew thats what I needed.  Thought about it all afternoon.  Took two steps into the store....forgot what I needed.  I started walking and then was all like "Wait...where am I going? What do I need? Oh look pretty nail polish!"  Yeah I have a little ADDness going on too! Don't worry I remembered and got my notecards and coffee (Unfortunately no new nail polish.  I really wanted it but I didn't need to spend the money).


Angie said...

Yucky, sorry about your pain. Totally not fun!
I write myself notes all day long of things I want to blog about, things to to do, etc. My mind is like that of an 80 year old. No kidding!!!!

Hope you feel better soon and have a good week!

Nina Marie said...

The notepad by the Bed idea is super great ! I never even thought to do that . . .