Friday, March 30, 2012

Fun Friday Randoms

Why I Love Living At Milligan
      Because I get really sweet notes on my whiteboard from my friends.  I just love it when I come home and see that someone has been thinking about me! They are just so nice! 3rd Floor Hart is the place to be people! Y'all should stop by...and leave me a note while your at it!

More Cute Crafts
     Yes I know I can act like I am about 5 years old 95% of the time.  And I think that is ok!  Tuesday we made some more crafts in Creative Activities! Oh and if you can't tell from the pictures, no I am not the most creative person ever!

My big scary monster!

We were having to draw one of the parts of the lief cycle of a frog.  I chose the egg.  I think I did an awesome job!

I drew this one at church with the kids.  Yeah I know I am a great artist!

Registration is Stressful
    This week we are registering for our next semester of school.  This means I am registering for my SENIOR year of college! Crazy or what people? I cannot believe this.  Oh and I only have like 25 hours to take over 2 semesters!  But Figuring out the times of classes and when to take things is the most stressful time of my life.  Nothing ever seems to fit!  Fortunately for me I am a senior, so they kinda sorta have to work with me on things!

Skittling in Class?
     Never thought that was going to happen! Skittling is a party where everyone brings there own drugs, throw them in a bowl with everyone else's, and then grabs a handful to see how high they can get.  NO we did not do this in class.  We had candy instead.  You should have seen how all of us girls reacted to doing this! It was pretty funny.  You never knew what you were going to get, and sometimes I popped something NASTY into my mouth.

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Angie said...

I think your drawings are cute!!!