Monday, March 12, 2012

Midweek Confessions

So here all of the things I am loving this week and things going on in my life! I'm kinda not so secretly hoping that some of you all will share in some of these confessions :)

- I am in LOVE with the Real Housewives....all of them.  New Jersey is probs my fave, with Beverly Hills coming in a very close second. And I am currently watching Orange County. It is mindless TV that I just love to watch!

- I have become OBSESSED with blogging.  Have you all not noticed how many blogs I have been posting? I just love it! And I love reading all of these new blogs I have found!

- I really need to be working on my homework (getting a little overwhelmed over here) but I just have no motivation.  But seriously I have so much to do!
I feel like this is me right now!

- My shoulder has not gotten any better.  So much pain.  So tired of dealing with it.  So tired of the tears that come with dealing with it.  Anyone want to donate a shoulder for a shoulder transplant for me?

- I love it when I am telling my friends or someone something and they say "Oh I know, I read it in your blog".  It makes me feel special, and reminds me why I started doing this!

- I wish I was in first grade. I just love those little kiddos and spending time with them!

Well thats al for this week! What are some of your Midweek Confessions?

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