Thursday, March 8, 2012

I Made a Little Oopsies...

Not to brag or anything, but I have to say that most days I am pretty dang awesome cook.  I love to cook, which is great for when I come home because Mamerz is not the biggest fan of it anymore.  I have been lucky to be able to spend this whole week cooking for the fam.  And cook away I did.

Well last night I was trying out new recipes and I was pretty excited about it.  The first went over really well.  It was chicken in a mustard cream sauce.  And I had the lovely help of my brothers girlfriend Brooke.  We had tons of fun working together...maybe a touch too much fun with the raw chicken...
Seriously Yummy food! Here is the recipe !

Anyways, the chicken was great and everyone said they loved it.  Then came the rice.  Now growing up Mamerz always cooked instant rice that came in bags that you boiled.  I can do that.  Easy peasy.  Well apparently mom chose to start using this new rice, Basmati rice.  Now this is rice that you measure out and cook.  No bags. Not easy.  I had never made it before and had no clue how much would be enough.  So after trying to decipher what the bag said, I decided that one cup of rice per person would be just enough.  I asked Dad to see if he had any idea, yeah no not a clue over there.  All he said was he was sure it would grow...

Well grow it did, and I'm pretty sure it multiplied as well!!! Like this rice had some babies in the pot while it was cooking.  When it was done and opened the pot I was like "ummm...Brooke come look at this...I think I may have made too much.." She starts laughing and tells Dad and Bryce t go easy on the rice, we may not have enough.  

Here are some more jokes about the rice from the night

"I think we could feed China for a week with that amount"
"Does anyone want anymore? I don't want to take it all"
"We can make more if you want some"

And the list goes on and on.  We laughed and laughed over it.  I mean how in world do I end up making that much rice?
Here is the pot of rice....after everyone had finished eating!

Next time I'm calling Mamerz when I have a question!

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