Monday, August 13, 2012

A Productive Sunday

Did you know I move back to Milligan this Saturday? Have I ever mentioned that before? Well in case you forgot from the 900 other times I have said it, I am.  But I have a long way to get there.  And that's not including the 11 hour drive I have.

I have quite a bit that I need to get done this week so I can head back to TN on Saturday.  So I decided to make a list of all that I need to do.  Well that list turned into a list of things I needed to buy, and then that list turned into a list of when I was going to do everything.

So maybe I like lists.  Don't hate, appreciate! If I don't write it down it won't happen and then things go crazy and then I go crazy and trust me when I say we don't want that to happen...

So In effort to get started on these lists of mine I FINALLY finished those canvases I have been working on ALL summer.  No joke I started those like way back in May and just finished them.  Yup I am a lazy bum sometimes.

I am so happy with the end result.  All I need to do is add the pictures to them (speaking of I need to go print some more off) and put them on the wall.  

Oh and of course as I was finishing up the last two canvases I came up with a way better and way easier idea for them.  Hate it when that happens! Oh well that just gives me something else to plan on doing in the future.

This middle canvas is covered in scrap book paper.  I totally messed up that canvas trying to do something cute with Mod Podge.  Major fail.  I couldn't paint over it and instead of throwing the canvas away, I just covered it.  I love the contrasting print.

I just love it when I have somewhatly productive days.  It's a good thing I will be having those all week!

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