Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Good Things Come in Small Packages

Especially when those good things are gifts from home!!  Well kinda at least.  When I left home I had some packages coming for me that didn't come in time so Mamerz had to send some things to me!  Isn't she the best? 

Getting packages from The Momma Hardin (what she wrote on the box) are great!  I mean she is The Momma Hardin, and that little note made me smile big.

So want to see what I got in this said package? Well ok then!

Jewelmint a little while ago was having a deal that if you bought one full price item, you could get a color block wallet for free.  Well I was in need of a new wallet, I really liked the one they had, and well when can I not use a new ring?

 I was totes feeling this one and I am so pleased with it! Question/sidenote: Can you lose weight in your fingers? All of my rings lately have been really loose on me...maybe that's where all the weight loss is from...

Here is the color block wallet I received.  Funny story about it: The site said they would be choosing which wallet I would get.  They had several different color combos, and I am kinda picky about colors so I got concerned about which one they would pick for me.  So when I opened the package and saw that the one I got was black and orange I had a big laugh.  Black and orange are Milligan's colors, so this was perfect!

Also a few weeks ago I ordered this necklace from Carina Lee.  Her and her sweet husband are in the process of adopting another child and these are their adoption necklaces to help raise money for the adoption.  One I love their story, and two I love the necklace.  Seriously go check it out now and get yourself one!

Ok well now that I have shared all of my new goodies, I am off to do some more homework! Hope everyone has a happy Tuesday:)

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Amy said...

I love getting packages! And yours looks like a pretty awesome one! :)