Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Start of Senior Year!

I cannot believe it is here.  Seriously seniors already?! Where has the time gone? Someone please explain to me how I just moved in two weeks ago, and now all of a sudden I am a Senior? I mean that's what it feels like at least!

On Saturday Mamerz and I made our way to Tennessee to move me into college for the last time :(  After the long drive (11 hours), we were ready to get some food and then bed! We were able to have dinner with Becky and enjoy our first night in town!

Sunday morning we woke up and had our free complimentary breakfast.  Yeah we got one all because it is Senior Year baby!!! 

We then got ready and headed to church.  I was so excited for Mamerz to be able to come to my church and meet all the people I am always talking about. 

After we grabbed some lunch it was time to head over to Milligan!  It's funny because no matter how many times I move in, or how comfortable I feel about things, I always get the butterflies when I drive on Milligan Highway for the first time of the year.

But of course those go away the moment I see my best friends!  

This year is a pretty awesome year.  For the first time ever, I am living with 3 of my best friends! We are in the upperclassman dorm and LOVING it!  

After unloading the THREE car loads of stuff that I have, we started arranging everything. In what we are calling our "apartment" Becky and Jessi have their own room, and then Kelly and I are sharing a room.  We also have a kitchen and a living area.  It's all kinda small and still resembles a dorm room, but it is so much better than those cinder block, mental institution white walls we had elsewhere.  

So want to see the humble abode?! Oh good because if you keep reading you are going to get your fill of the pictures!
Our kitchen.  Don't you just love that wallpaper?!

The living room.  We totes need to get to work on decorating!

Our shower room

Our toilet room.  Yes we have our own separate room for the toilet.  And yes it is creepy.

And the sink room.  You can't really see it all that well but the other girls put their toothbrushes in either a cute box or mason jar.  Mine is in my How To Train Your Dragon Cup! 

And then there is my room.  I am loving this room and how it has turned out!!
The chevron canvases made it up on the wall!

My desk and window

The closet and getting ready area

Today is the first day of classes! for the first time ever I am taking less than 17 hours.  This means I only have 2 classes! And then I will be heading to work.  

I am so excited to be back and cannot wait to dive head first into SENIOR YEAR!!


Sara said...

Hi dear!
Love so much you're blog, is amazing!
Follow u, my name in GFC is: sexy_paige_cucu.

Hope u follow back :) :)

A lot of kisses.

Amy said...

Hope you have a GREAT first day of senior year!! Your place looks great, I'm so excited for you! I know this is going to be an amazing year :)

Amanda said...

I love those chevron boards, how did you make them?

Mrs in Training said...

Yay have fun this year!!