Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Are You Perfect?

This past week or so I have been having some major struggles with everything going on in life.  As we all know by now, I moved back into college.  This was a much bigger transition than I thought it would be.  And I really don't know why.  It's not like I'm a freshie...I am a SENIOR for goodness sakes! I have done this already before!

But needless to say I am still struggling adjusting to where I am.  I am tired all the time and feel like I am running in a circle.

Tuesday night the band All Sons and Daughters came and performed at Milligan.  Let's be honest, I only went because I needed the SFP credit only 46 more to go by graduation.  I really did not have an open to heart to what was going to happen and really just wanted to leave as soon as I got there.

Little did I know God had a completely different plan for me.  He opened my heart that night as well as my eyes to why I was struggling so much with everything going on in my life.  Oh the things only He can show us!

I started to realize that I was focusing on all the wrong reasons for doing things.  I was in the mindset of "I need to be the PERFECT friend" "I need to be the PERFECT student" "I need to be the PERFECT daughter"  "I need to be the PERFECT employee" "I need to have a PERFECT workout" etc.

Notice a theme there? PERFECT.  I strive so hard to do things to the best of my ability.  I never want to let anyone or myself down.  This resulted in me trying to perfect every little aspect of my life.  And let's be honest again: that is not possible!

I needed Tuesday night to make me see this.  I needed to be at that concert worshipping the Lord.  I needed all of that more than I thought I ever would.

Now can I sit here and tell you that I am not completely stress free? No, I still have a ton of things to do.  But by removing that mindset of perfection, I am able to take things a little slower.  I know that I will get things done and all will be ok.  I need to learn to calm down and focus and then all will fall into place.

I will get day!


laurenaustin said...

So encouraging, Mosby, and such a great reminder.... I need to knock off that stupid need for perfection, too. All it does is weigh me down further. What a freedom we have in Christ to rely on him and let that go! Woo!

Cassandra said...

Glad to hear that you've given yourself a break! No one is perfect and we can really stress ourselves out trying to be! Hope the adjustment continues to progress!

Sam said...

I so loved this post. It is something I can definitely relate to! I try so hard to live my life the "right" way, and, as you said- perfectly, for other people. I want people to be proud of me. I want my parents to know they did a great job as parents. But what I don't always realize, is that I don't have to strive for perfection (aka, the impossible) in order to achieve that. In fact, striving for perfection only makes it easier to "fall short", easier to get down on myself for not reaching the goal of perfection. I guess we both need to slow down and take a breath, and give ourselves a chance to be great even if we aren't perfect. :)

Amy said...

I had an experience so similar to this recently! And I actually blogged about it too, I swear writing it out helps so much too! It's crazy how much pressure we can put on ourselves to be perfect, when it's just NOT possible. And, why do we try and be perfect? God loves us AND our weaknesses, which is just the most beautiful thing I've ever heard. Since I had that realization, I've had a huge weight lifted off me. Instead of stressing about not being the perfect everything, I feel like I'm being better about being present in the moment I'm in, and giving it my all. It may not always have a PERFECT outcome, but it sure is sweet to enjoy the moment :)

Amanda said...

Oh my word, girl. I'm so similiar to you in this area it's crazy. I have such the perfectionist mindset the majority of the time.. it can be exhausting. I'm a people pleaser.. I want everyone to be happy & proud of me at all times.
Definitely need to learn that God's love & acceptance is far greater than man's approval.

Keep your chin up! You are doing great..
The first step in moving forward is identifying where the issue is & doing something about it.
You're on the right track :)

Keep breathing.